When disasters strike, people naturally come to hotels to seek shelter in a storm. This is a key role of hotels in society, and one that is really important to all the communities in which they operate.

IHG® Shelter in a Storm is our disaster relief programme. It equips our hotels to act quickly and decisively to support guests, colleagues and local communities when disaster strikes.

IHG Shelter in a Storm guides our hotels through the best way to respond when disaster strikes.

A key element of our disaster response is the IHG® Shelter Fund which is built up by fundraising activities in our hotels and corporate offices throughout the year. As a result, we can release money from the IHG Shelter Fund at a moment's notice, ensuring we can provide vital assistance right away.

IHG's global partnership with CARE allows us to draw on their deep experience in getting emergency aid to survivors of disasters and helping people rebuild their lives in the aftermath. CARE help us find appropriate partners in the area when disaster strikes, so we can direct help to where it's needed.

The IHG Shelter Fund has already helped thousands of people affected by disasters around the world. Take a look at the IHG Shelter Fund in Action page for more details. Donating to the fund is easy. Visit the Donate page to log your details and make a donation.

Please note: Any fundraising activity is undertaken or participated in at your own risk. Please read our Fundraising guidelines for more information to help you plan and run a safe and legal fundraising event. The guidance document also includes Risk Assessment guidance and a template. If you are planning a fundraising event, then please note that you are raising money in aid of IHG Shelter in a Storm. You do not represent IHG Shelter in a Storm or IHG (unless you work for the IHG Group).

We have activated to support employees and the local community impacted by the floods in Taba Heights, Egypt

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